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Meet up & hang out with other travelers in the area - check out users' past, present & future travels to see how they overlap with yours.
Get info on places you're heading to from people who are there right now: get tips, exchange ideas, make plans & find travel partners
Find out what other travelers in the area are up to - get the inside scoop on local activities and travel concerns.

Why we've built trav2trav

Simple, we all got bitten by the travel bug early on. After years on the road suffering from this affliction alone, we finally decided to do something about it: reach out to fellow independent travelers.

That would be you.

Fellow travelers are the best source of real-time, on the ground information.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to find the best happy hour in Bangkok (as in right now – not in 2012 when your guidebook was written)? Or whether the highland roads in Vietnam are really washed out from the hurricane last week? How are the trains in Sicily? How many sweaters do you need for the buses in Colombia? (They like their air conditioning in Latin America!) And are there any yacht captains -- sane ones -- looking for crew in the Azores?

You catch our drift.

Travelers who are there right now – or just left – can help you out and ease your gypsy suffering.

Not just that, but you can also meet up with fellow travelers, no matter where in the world you end up. Boston or Bhutan, fire up trav2trav and see who's nearby. Check out their profile, their interests (museums or mountaineering? ... or both?), their travel pics and see if you'd like to hang out with them.

You can also see users' past, present and future travel plans to see if they overlap with yours. Maybe they just got back from Mexico City and you're heading there soon?

Or maybe you can help others out by offering tips on places they're going? You know, just being nice and helpful. Of course, you don't need to be on the road to use trav2trav – you can use it to meet travelers visiting your home town and offer to help show them around, or even host them. We'll also be making it simple to coordinate roadtrips between visitors and locals.

If you meet up and get along you can even join others on a trip – we've found it's cheaper and (usually!) more fun. Get a good-sized group together and y'all can book the entire dorm at that hostel in Buenos Aires!

Our platform will also allow you to send your virtual self around the globe – much cheaper than flying – and see what's going on with travelers ... from Paraguay to Paris. Who doesn't want to be a virtual nomad?

Yes, yes it's great to travel alone; you can pick up and go see the Maya ruins instead of spending more time at the beach in Cancun. Or you can stay a week longer in Istanbul instead of following someone else's itinerary to Mykonos.

But sometimes it's fun to meet up with kindred souls on the road and just shoot the breeze.
That's where we come in.

We're not tourists – we're travelers ... explorers ... nomads. Like you.
Join us!